Sherwood Episcopal Church Cemetery

In a deed of 1834, Mrs. Frances Thwaites Deye Taylor transferred two lots, totaling five acres, including the church building and land for a cemetery and other buildings, to the Reverend Dr. John Johns and the Reverend Dr. John P.K. Henshaw. At that time, the land was filled with trees.  Soon after, they were cut down to make way for the cemetery and original Rectory in the 1840’s, now the Parish House.

The cemetery sits on Sherwood Hill, surrounding the church, overlooking the Cockeysville and Hunt Valley communities. Residents of the local communities and visitors enjoy the spectacular view and often visit for its location and tranquil setting.

U.S. Flags are placed on veteran’s gravesites on Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays.

The purpose of the cemetery is to privately serve the needs of the parishioners of Sherwood Church. Gravesites can be found on General regulations are posted in several locations in the cemetery and benches are offered to those wishing to visit.